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What We Do

At 4Schools, we believe that education happens best when the people and places have the best tools and preparation

Our speciality is educational buildings and technologies.  Allow our team to conduct assessments, provide design input, oversee renovations, or manage a turnkey project.  

Utilizing our experience and a network of experts, 4Schools is committed to providing the very best educational setting for the problem solvers of tomorrow.


How We Help



Before "IT" begins, tie "IT" together

Embarking on a new project or renovating an existing system can be daunting.  Let 4Schools take a look at the big picture: we will find ways to streamline the process, capture additional value, and expose potential weakness.  

Building improvements and technology modernizations integrated together maximize impact and minimize budget.  4Schools can help leverage both.


Buildings are often the most underfunded, overlooked part of education

Our facilities services help bring that back to balance.  We offer utilities purchasing, lighting and mechanical studies, building conditions assessments, and many other services to enhance limited budgets.

Renovation project management, owner's representation, and pre-design input from 4Schools experienced team will take the headache out of campus expansion and re-design.  At least as much of the headache as we can be responsible for...



As technology changes, so does teaching; as teaching changes, so does technology

We stay up to date on the current trends, devices, and methods in educational technology.  In the ever evolving digital landscape, we seek to provide the best advice when it is time to update.  

IT assessments provide a clear snapshot and help to provide a roadmap to the next generation of tech.  The 4Schools team can help determine which of the latest EdTech trends help serve the pedagogy best.

Our team can also determine infrastructure requirements, help to coordinate with facility improvements, and keep teachers educating at the speed of technology.


At 4Schools, everywhere is a learning environment.  So why not make everywhere a teaching environment?

Information helps to make informed decisions; environmental sustainability is learned through habit and information.  We can help to make your buildings teachers of environmental stewardship by providing direct feedback of programs such as energy savings, recycling, and automation.

Our team can assess the facilities and help to implement a variety of sustainability programs that can help foster a habit of stewardship.  Many programs will even help to foster the bottom line.


How To Contact

Four schools of practice: integrate, facilities, technology, educate.  4Schools in practice: closely handling your educational campus needs, whatever they may be.  We look forward to partnering to provide the best settings for the best educators.


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